Up, Up and Away…

It's not my beautiful balloon that is soaring but rather the number of Covid-19 cases across this country. I’m not sure what it's going to take to get the American people to listen to the science and understand that we cannot gather, we can not get close, and we must wear a mask at all times when in public. Why is this so hard?

Our failed leadership, specifically the Trump administration, has failed to lead us even after Trump himself caught the virus. It's a shame that he was unable to learn from his very own health scare that this is serious and the country needs to practice the very simple precautions the scientists have been telling us since back in March.

We now have an opportunity on November 3rd to vote his moronic ass out of the White House and get Biden and Harris in the White House so they can begin to heal our country figuratively and literally. We cannot withstand 4 more years of this disgraceful, undignified path Trump has been leading the American people down.

Today I listened to Barack Obama campaigning for Joe Biden and in his words, he said “he’s fired up and ready to go”. Well Barack, let’s go, lets sprint to the finish line and get Biden/Harris elected to the office on Nov 3rd. And perhaps, just perhaps, we’ll all be able to go Up, Up and Away but not with an increase in Covid-19 numbers but rather in a beautiful balloon.

Stay strong, be well, and stay safe.

Pam Damnit



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