Retail Me — NOT!

As Massachusetts gets ready to launch Phase 3 of the state’s reopening, I’m still sitting with my mixed emotions of the launch of Phase 2, specifically retail stores.

If you know me than you know I’m a shopper. Always one to look for that bargain — I was in tears the day they closed Filene’s Basement in downtown Boston. Back in the 1980’s and 90’s when I worked at the Wang Center for the Performing Arts, I was able to escape out the back door, which was adjacent to the entrance of the Orange Line at New England Medical Center, hop on the T for two stops and the doors would open 20 feet away from Filene’s entrance — a true shoppers dream. In recent years I consider it to be a sport to pop into a store like Nordstrom Rack and find that fabulous fashionable shirt or jacket (which probably looks better on a 30 something than me @ 60). Even if the item hung in my closet for two years and I never wore it it was all about making the conquest.

To say that the past 3+ months have been rough is an understatement. If you are one who relates to the retail thrill than you know its not the same trolling on the internet and hitting “click here, add to cart”. Venturing back out may be the only logical thing to do. But who wants to get back out there when all you hear are the nightmare stories of shoppers refusing to mask up, stores reporting major outbreaks of the virus, and just overall bad human behavior. Shoppers cannot seem to follow the arrow directional signs inside an aisle nor understand what six feet apart really means. Major retailers who had closed post Covid-19 and reopened are now once again announcing the closing of stores across the country.

Retail shopping? I think NOT.

Be strong, be well, and stay safe!

Pam Damnit



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