Mask or Raid?

I believe we are all entitled to “our rights” when what you do is not harming anyone else. Through childhood, most of us are constantly being told what to do because we do not have brain maturity to make these decisions on our own. “Get back in this house and take your hat and gloves” my mother would yell to me as I tried to escape out the back door on frigid days without them. In the 1970’s we were first warned by our parents and then eventually mandated by the government that we all must wear our seatbelts when operating a vehicle. I knew I was breaking the law when hiding out in the woods and smoking pot with my friends, but hey I figured we weren't at risk of hurting others.

Fast forward to 2020s year of Covid-19 and the debate of what to do to stop the spread. From the onset of this deadly disease becoming public knowledge, we have received a boatload of mixed messages. “It doesn't affect young people”, “it is just like the flu”, “it is contained in our country”, and on and on. And then there’s the “wear a mask” “don’t wear a mask” “you need to wear a mask”. I think we (anyone who has clear thinking) can conclude that the message to wear a mask can help to protect us and others from contracting the Corona Virus.

My wife and I have been observing those who think they are wearing a mask but really aren’t. They’re wearing it on their chin leaving their mouths and nose exposed, others are wearing it over their mouths but not their noses. This really shouldn’t be so hard? Get a mask that stays up over your nose and mouth. Although perhaps certain PPE may still be in short supply there is an abundance of masks available to purchase readily.

I’ve also been reading about the debate the non-mask believers have been having and how this affects their personal freedom and how it's their individual right not to wear one. That’s fine, then stay the f — k home and out of public spaces. No one will care what you do when you are home and only with your friends who believe the same thing. For now, this is the only weapon we have against this fight and if the illustrious leader of the United States won’t mandate that we all should be wearing masks (he finally showed up in public wearing one yesterday for the 1st time), then our state and local governments must. The town of Provincetown has gone as far as hiring “ambassadors” to walk the streets asking people to wear their masks and handing out masks if they don’t have one.

I know as a nation we can do this and stop the spread. Until then…

Be strong, be well, and stay safe!

Pam Damnit



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