Joy to the World

Joy is a pretty simple concept, its what puts a smile on our face, its what makes us feel good from the inside out. In 1971 the band Three Dog Night released a simple tune titled “Joy to the World”, the song instantly shot up to №1 It had very basic lyrics, the chorus was “Singin’ joy to the world All the boys and girls now Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea Joy to you and me” The song became a certified gold recording and sold over a million records. Why? Simply because it made us feel good.

This past Wednesday, August 12, 2020, presidential candidate Joe Biden made his announcement that Kamala Harris would be his VP running mate. Kamala having lost her bid for the president by dropping out of the race but had minimally become a household name. And with a country crying out for social justice and the strong Black Lives Matter movement, this was a moment in history for a white man to choose a younger woman of color as his running mate.

All around the nation, there were tears of joy! Kamala Harris will be the first woman of color to be nominated for national office by a major party. Now, Black women, who once had no chance of even voting for president — much less being president — will see one of their own a step away from the Oval Office. As Joe Biden said, “ This morning, little girls woke up across this nation — especially Black and Brown girls who so often may feel overlooked and undervalued in our society — potentially seeing themselves in a new way: As the snuff of Presidents and Vice Presidents.”

So a few days later I am still feeling joyous and I hope you are too. Perhaps that despite a global pandemic and a narcissist as our president, we can all be hopeful that come this November the democratic party will make history once again! But as you know and have been hearing this will not come easily and without a dirty fight from the White House.

We have 81 days until November 3rd. Time to get busy everyone. Give whatever you can — time, money, etc,. Give until it hurts. Because come the evening of November 3rd I want to be crying tears of joy!

Stay strong, be well and stay safe.

Pam Damnit



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